How do you charge for your services?
In most cases, I work on an hourly basis through all phases of the project. Many times, especially when the scope of work is uncertain, it is the most cost-effective and fairest method for both parties. However, some clients prefer to negotiate a flat fee for services of a predetermined scope in advance. This fee is usually determined as a percentage of anticipated construction cost. I'm happy to discuss with you what I think would be the best approach for your project.

Concept Services
From the outset, we'll work together to define the scope and appearance of the project with based on your requirements. We'll conclude the Concept Design phase with design information and ideas to discuss with prospective contractors.

Pre-Design Services

Advance planning establishes a solid foundation for moving forward with any project:

  • Review of existing conditions and site analysis
  • Photographing existing buildings and property
  • Verification of existing drawings and/or measuring existing buildings

Concept Design Services
Through a series of meetings, we'll define the scope of the project based on:

  • Site conditions
  • Types of spaces anticipated
  • Relationship between spaces
  • Desired exterior appearance
  • Desired construction budget

"Bubble diagram" sketches of the floor plans and conceptual exterior views will be developed to communicate the intent of the design. Then, floor plans and exterior elevations are created to scale in an 8.5x11 or 11x17 format for your review and approval.

Construction Documentation Services

No two projects are necessarily the same, so the list of items you'll need for a building permit or for construction can vary. But, you can take comfort in knowing I'm able to be there for you along the entire course of construction. Drawings and Specifications are created as required for Building Permit, Bidding, and Construction. Construction Documents, usually in 18x24 or 24x36 format, may include:

  • Site Plan
  • Demolition Plans (if required)
  • Floor Plans
  • Roof Plan (if required)
  • Exterior Elevations
  • Building Sections
  • Wall Sections
  • Structural Plans (if required)
  • Lighting and Power Plans
  • Door and Window Selections

Construction Observation Services

  • Meetings with you and the contractor on the status of the work
  • Site visits to verify conformance with the Construction Documents
  • Supplemental sketches and drawings, if required, to clarify job-site conditions
  • Review of Applications of Payment by the Contractor
  • Final walk-through and punch list